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Masterclass & Cannula





On this course you will learn to treat the ageing face as a whole, it's your ultimate guide to give your clients a natural, youthful appearance. You will discover a deeper understanding of how to treat the "ageing face", learn how the structures of the face change over time and how to correct age related volume loss, giving your clients the best possible natural youthful appearance. Facial Areas covered include, high cheek bones, cheek pads, jawline & mid face hollowness. Tear troughs, chin, mid and lower face. 

Courses are on a one-to-one basis and available to students that have completed the foundation course with 6 months industry experience.

The initial training is completed online from the comfort of your own workplace or home. Pre-study to be completed prior to attendance, we wish for you to be fully prepared and well informed so that you can take away the best learning experience possible. We provide comprehensive e-learning modules that are delivered in a clear format that is interactive and easy to read in preparation for your training.​


Fully accredited.


1-day home study and 1-day classroom & workshop course.

£1500.00 (£300.00 non-refundable deposit)
Outstanding balance must be paid at least 7 days before course start date.


Should you wish to change your course dates, two weeks' notice (14 days) must be given to the trainer - in this instance, the deposit paid can be used towards the new dates booked. However, this is still non-refundable.



Masterclass & Cannula Training



Masterclass & Cannula Training

+ 8 Point Facelift


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